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Are you an author looking for a new way to control and monetize your art? TheBookshop.NFT is the first publisher-owned NFT marketplace for authors. Founded by best-selling author, Eleni Sophia, we understand your struggles to recapture second-hand royalties and build a rapport with readers.

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Why Publish with TheBookshop.NFT?

With our in-house printing capabilities, you can also have physical copies of your books printed and shipped directly to your readers, making it easy for them to collect and hold on to a piece of your work. With our platform, you'll be able to reach new audiences, increase your revenue, and have more control over your work than ever before.

About TheBookshop.NFT?

TheBookshop.NFT is the first publisher-owned self-publishing marketplace for authors looking to mint their books as NFTs and connect directly with their readers. Our platform - built on Ethereum - offers a secure and innovative way for writers to retain control over their intellectual property, set their own price, and build a strong rapport with their readers. 

We understand the struggles that authors face in today’s digital world. Traditional publishing models can be restrictive, and it can be difficult to truly own and control your work. That’s why we’ve created a platform where you can mint your books as NFTs, giving you complete ownership and control over your digital assets.

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An NFT publisher and marketplace in one!

Having spoken to Steven Bartlett and Gary Vee we are assured the future of publishing lies within the NFT space.

Start-Up Achievements

  • Santander X Finalists - pitching our idea to one of the biggest central banks with controversial views on cryptocurrency. 
  • Mayor’s Entrepreneur Semi-Finalists

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How it works!

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Upload File

Author prepares files and uploads to TheBookshop.NFT

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Add Attributes

Authors now add attributes they wish to share with holders - e.g merch, physical copy of book etc.

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Mint NFT


Author pays 2% transaction fee to TheBookshop.NFT and mints their book(s)!

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Sell NFT

Readers can now purchase works from their favourite authors! For every re-sale authors take 10%.


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